NW Greenhouses is part of Northwest Metal Buildings, located at 2320 SE TV Hwy in Hillsboro, Oregon,97123 (503.648.5663). We offer greenhouses in every shape and category from hobbyist to garden to professional, from very low cost to farm size. The greenhouses come in kits that you can install yourself or we will gladly build them for you.If you have any questions, please contact us. AND, we now offer premium dog kennels. Click here to see our new dog kennel line.

Many of our greenhouses are easy to install and meet all the requirements for home growing applications. Units are available for Deck and Patio or for Lawn and Garden. These type of packages are generally in the Weatherguard category, the premiere manufacturer of inexpensive greenhouse buildings.
Weatherguard Early Start Greenhouse Weatherguard Round Series
Weatherguard Jewett Cameron Greenhouse
In our Clearspan line, we offer a full range of greenhouses and accessories. ClearSpan greenhouses come in every shape, size and budget. When you select a ClearSpan greenhouse you are selecting our unwavering commitment to customer service and made in the USA quality. Each greenhouse structure offers you a combination of the finest materials available and exceptional design. Every detail you desire is carefully crafted. Every option you select is seamlessly added — all to create a customized pre-engineered building that is uniquely yours. Building sizes are available in standard widths or can be customized to fit your needs.
ClearSpan Elite Greenhouses ClearSpan cedar Greenhouses
ClearSpan Gothic Solar Star Greenhouses ClearSpan Solar Star Greenhouses
NW Greenhouses can help you find the exact product to meet your requirements. We will assist you in every way to insure that you can construct the greenhouse that is perfect for you. In fact, if you want, we will take care of all the construction too. We are here to make sure all your needs are cared for.

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